"Wine is something larger than we might imagine.
Wine is passion.
It's family and friends.
It's warmth of heart and generosity of spirit.
Wine is culture and refinement.
And wine is the very essence of civilization and what we mean by the Art of Living."

-Robert Mondavi


At Swirl & Sip, our mission is simple. To help people live The Wine Life every day.

The Wine Life is not just about wine. It’s a state of living and a higher quality of being. Yes, it absolutely involves wine and its complements, but more importantly, it’s about the moments and experiences that surround it. The Wine Life is about fun, celebration, enjoyment, spending time with friends and family, appreciation, taking it easy when things get hectic, sharing memories of the past and creating new ones. To us, The Wine Life is a lifestyle of happiness. And our aim is to bring that to you every day.


We offer a great selection of fine wines at our wine shop and online. We love all wines and source from around the world with a focus on wines that over-deliver in quality compared to its price. We love the fruit-forward and dominant wines of the New World as well as the terroir-driven nuances from Old World wines.


And as the saying goes, “It takes a lot of great beer to make great wine”. We offer a large selection of specialty beers from around the world from crisp and refreshing pale ales to big and bold porters and stouts, aiming to source from passionate producers.


A tavola! The possibilities are endless when pairing fine wine and specialty beers with food. We offer a great selection of meats and cheeses with all of the accompaniments. And we work with the region’s top gourmet partners to offer amazing combinations and pairings.

We look forward to seeing you at our shop or connecting with you online and we hope to enhance your daily experiences. Cheers to Our Wine Life!

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